From outdoors activities and zoos, to museums and memorials, here are the Top 10 Oklahoma attractions.
  1. Oklahoma City, OK
    A full gamut of attractions and amusements for all ages await visitors to Oklahoma City. From historic stockyards located in the city's frontier center to Bricktown and a booming financial district, experience the bustling metropolis of Oklahoma City, where Oklahomans go to play.

  2. Oklahoma City National Memorial
    Oklahoma City, OK  
    620 N. Harvey
    Located in downtown Oklahoma City, this memorial was constructed in memory of the victims of the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building in the year of 1995. Each life lost is commemorated with a chair comprised of stone, bronze and glass. A touching addition is the miniature chairs which signify a child who lost their life in the tragic bombings.

  3. Oklahoma City Zoo
    Oklahoma City, OK  73111
    2101 NE 50th Street
    As the oldest zoo in the entire region of Southwest America, the Oklahoma City Zoo is widely recognized as one of the finest collections of animal life in the entire country. At this world-class zoological attraction, over 300 species are on display over 100 acres of gorgeous natural habitat. See Oklahoma's fine beasts, and check out the many exotic species which populate the zoo.

  4. Myriad Botanical Gardens
    Oklahoma City, OK  73102
    301 W. Reno
    Lilies and daisies, birds of paradise, cherry blossoms and more can be found at the Myriad Botanical Gardens, which sprawls across a gorgeous expanse. Populated by many common and rare plants, the natural beauty contained in the gardens is of a stunning variety and quality. Pristinely planned and meticulously maintained, the gardens are a spectacle for all to marvel at.

  5. Heller Theater
    Tulsa, OK  74105
    5328 S. Wheeling Avenue
    Some of the most avid displays of theater are on display at the Heller Theater. From Shakespeare to Pinter and even a bit of musical theater, guests will be delighted by the professional on-stage activities which are currently taking place on the stage. Also featured are stand-up comics and an open mic/improv night for all to participate in.

  6. Omniplex
    Oklahoma City, OK   73111
    2100 NE 52nd Street
    One of the most prestigious collections of museums in the world is hosted at the Omniplex, located in the bustling metropolis of Oklahoma City. Marvel at the array of fantastic aircraft on display at the Air and Space Museum, see world-class art, learn about the area's history at historic and cultural galleries, take in the wonder of nature at a greenhouse and gardens, or commemorate the art of photography at the International Photography Hall of Fame.

  7. National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage
    Oklahoma City, OK  73111
    1700 NE 63rd Street
    Have you ever wondered what the gun-shooting and duel-challenging antics of the Wild West's cowboys were really like? Now you can find out at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage, where the antics of the authentic frontier are on full display.

  8. Pensacola Dam
    Disney, OK  
    Highway 28 East
    Water is the most powerful element in nature; so when man comes to tame it, the results are quite extraordinary. Scientifically minded vacationers will revel in the physics behind this behemoth of a dam, but laymen and women alike will revel in its sheer size, towering over 150 feet above the riverbed of Grand Lake.

  9. Duncan Little Theatre
    Duncan, OK  73534
    824 W. Main Street
    This attraction is sure to gain much popularity in the future, but for now it remains one of the best-kept secrets of Oklahoma. Popular dinner theatres combine a tantalizing all-American cuisine with quality thespian antics for a night worth remembering. A brimming variety of melodramas and plays and musicals are sure to delight even the most jaded of theatergoers.

  10. White Water Bay
    Oklahoma City, OK 73107
    3908 W. Reno
    Oklahoma is known to heat up during the summer months, and locals have adopted the practice of visiting White Water Bay to cool off. When examining the facts, it's obvious why this is so: over thirty water rides include a gargantuan wave pool, inner tube rides, waterslides, a kiddie pool and more.

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